About the journal

In today's world, human rights enjoy much importance so that it is reminded as the base of human life and coexistence. Regulations and rules of human rights are the principles through which we keep human dignity and greatness. No doubt, all human beings would like to live in a developed world accompanied with security, intellectuality and morals and enjoy their rights; a world that is free of rudeness, discrimination and inequality, oppression and despotism. A world that is full of justice, peace, freedom and bearing. Human rights should think to develop such world for all human beings.

Since 2006, hence, journal of Human Rights (which is published every two seasons) started to work and to publish selected scientific works in order to explain the theoretical principles of human rights and to more further the purposes of center for human rights studies in the figure of the first scientific and completely specialized journal, to develop principal research and theoretical bases of human rights in Iran. During more than 10 years passed from the first publication of the journal of Human Rights, this journal has been able to be introduced as one of the best research sources in the related areas and to continue its activity.

During this period, journal of Human Rights has been enjoyed with guidance, kindness and assistants of the honored university professors throughout our dear country, Iran, and famous international university teachers, and this direction will be continued by the grace of God and generosity and kindness of the university professors and their guidance.

Journal of Human Rights invited all university professors, scholars and all persons who are interested to the issues related to the human rights research area to help us to continue this direction by sending their scientific works and papers to the journal of Human Rights